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Stencil & Spray, Collages, Digital Art, Etc
Happy are the souls that know Nature.
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See The World
Planet Earth made from pictures of Planet Earth.
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This was created in 2015 as an alternative cover design for my music album of the same name.
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Mount Molehill
I made this very early 'miniature world' in 2003. The original molehill was photographed in a field in Stanton Drew, Somerset. Many of the dwellings and the church tower were also shot in the same village.
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Harry Patch
Stencilled spray paint on canvas portrait of West Country war hero Harry Patch.
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We Must Kill Technology
Stencilled spray paint on card. This was made on a day when the machines were vexing me.
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Evolution Of Modern Man
Some kind of statement about my dislike of the so-called 'Nanny State'.
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Jersey Shore
Block-colour artwork based on a photo taken in Jersey by my Brother Shane.
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A seagull gliding in a cloudless sky.
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Block-colour rendition of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.
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Deserted Beach
A 'digital painting' based on a scene at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England.
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Land Of Sunsets
A collage of various sunsets, a couple of crows and a tiny bit of Normandy beneath the 'waves'.
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Another World
This was made by 'spraying' bits of various images using the 'clone brush' tool in Paint Shop Pro.
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Sheep On The Shore
It seems I decided to create some kind of strange world where the clouds are lower than sea level.
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Civil rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, clergyman, icon.
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Laurel & Hardy
The legendary Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
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Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp.
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Che Guevara
Revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, military theorist.
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The Lovers
Stencil and spray paint artistic experiment on card.
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My Bro Marko
Spray paint on canvas portrait of my departed Brother Mark.
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Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Bilbao.
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Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - The Greatest.
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Janis Joplin
Singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, painter, dancer.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnie as The Terminator.
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The Tarn
A boat sailing on puddle on a fallen standing stone.
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Stanton Lake
Beware of the cars. They can be quite violent at this time of year.
A Lifetime Of Art by Jason Allen
I spent a lot of time drawing when I was a kid. Every Christmas and birthday, a deluge of felt-tip pens, paper and pencils would land in my world.

Drawing relaxed me. It was my first foray into the 'creative zone', that place we drift to when we are immersed in our work.

I used to design album covers for an imaginary band. Years later I would go on to design them in 'real life'.

When it came to choosing subjects to study at secondary school, I neglected art and music in favour of science.
Upon the arrival of a half-decent computer, I began to create collages, blending layers of images together. Often these 'worlds' would take on a miniature aspect.

I think this was a direct result of my love of model railways, with additonal inspiration from the General Jumbo comic strip in The Beano and Nutty.

At some point I became interested in stencil art on various surfaces. Nothing beats the combination of spray paint and adrenaline.

When, at times, the digital age gets too much to bear, I return to paper and pencil. Sketching is, to me, still the purest form of art.
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World Underway
An early attempt at layer blending.
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Stencilled spray paint on steel.
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Ticky Tacky Boxes
One of these things is not like the others.
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Early Tide
Original Tidestar album artwork.
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I'm With Stupid
Bobbies on the beat in a Banksy style.
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River Fish
A page from my pencil sketch book.
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Self Portrait #1
Me, by me. Created in 2008.
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Cover art for the third Bluebottlegreen album.
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Jakob Von Dennim
Logo for one of my many musical alter egos.
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Self Portrait #2
An updated 2016 self portrait, with greyer beard.
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Messing With Perspective
A slightly dark and dystopian world. This multi-layered photo collage was designed in 2010.
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Artwork for my 2003 solo album of the same name.
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Landscape Slice
A single pixel-width slice of a landscape, stretched into a landscape.