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An Accidental Actor
I forgot where I was but remembered where I'm going.
Horizon Web Series
Series 1
Horizon is a free-to-view, 10-part sci-fi web series set in Bristol. It was filmed in early 2014 and released in autumn 2015.

I play the character Sanders, a mysterious gun-toting ex-military medic.

You can watch the entire series here, including the additional interviews and trailers. I arrive in Episode 6 (see below).

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Horizon Web Series
Episode 6 - 'Sanders'
Episode 6 of Horizon is called Sanders - named after my character in the series.

The 'two-hander' featuring myself and Kate Davies (Nicole) was filmed at the end of a long January day.

Cast and crew were cold and tired, but we managed to get the job done. I'm proud of the result.

An Accidental Actor by Jason Allen
I'd always wanted to learn about the film making process, but I'd never harboured aspirations to become involved with acting.

In 2009, I was contacted by Rhys Hayward, a director who was looking for filming locations. He called me after finding my River Chew website on Google.

We ended up scouting potential locations together. This led to being offered a part in a feature film he was writing.

Having memorised my lines and cobbled together an 'Eastern European' accent, we set about filming Heavy Duty in July 2010.
I enjoyed every aspect of the process. It was a personal creative awakening, during which I met some wonderful people and made a lot of happy memories.

Roles in short films and music videos followed, usually playing the part of the weathered-looking 'bad guy'.

I take the work seriously, but having tried to crack the music industry for 30 years, I am well-aware that being a professional entertainer requires a lot of skill, dedication and luck.

Acting will always be something I do for the creative payback, not for the 'riches'. My knowledge of film making has grown as a result of my dalliances with acting.
Frank Bastow
Don't Be A Cant
In December 2013, I was asked to appear in this music video for Frank Bastow's motivational book of the same name.

What they didn't tell me was that I'd be dancing. I don't do dancing; I do angry-looking bad guy faces.

With Frank's encouragement, I brought my best moves to the floor. Don't be a cant.

Heavy Duty
This is the first trailer for the feature film Heavy Duty, which was written and directed by Rhys Hayward.

Filming took place in 2010 and 2011 in the West Country. I play an 'Eastern European' gangster called Radjovek.

Heavy Duty was my first foray into the world of film and acting. It was a very enjoyable way to begin my journey.